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Nan Naunt Naunt (Lydia)  
Project Associate

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Lydia Naunt started her career as a Junior Engineer in  2011 with Municipal Government Organization During her employment in the public sector, she participated in the examination of construction permits and a green urban development project in Mandalay, Myanmar. Following that, she worked with ADB’s SEEN team for five years as the Energy Project Coordinator. She engaged with ADB on many energy projects in Myanmar, focusing on electricity transmission, distribution, and rural electrification. Throughout her career, she has assumed a variety of coordinating tasks between the ADB and the relevant government departments, including facilitation of meetings and missions, interpretation during high-level meetings, logistics for missions, and assistance with procurement preparation. 

Myanmar's need to enhance people's quality of life, particularly in terms of access to power, she believes that in the near future, Myanmar would have a better future with a significant proportion of renewable energy. Keeping this motivation in mind, she has joined ACE Partners as a Project Associate to assist with renewable energy projects around Southeast Asia. Lydia Naunt has a Bachelor of Engineering (Mechatronics) degree from Mandalay Technology University (MTU) in Myanmar and a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from UBIS in Switzerland. She holds a master's degree in Sustainable Energy Transition from the Asian Institute of Technology in Bangkok, Thailand.

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