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Aastha Manocha
Communications Associate

Aastha Manocha is a communications professional with around 15 years’ experience in media and communications. She supports the knowledge and engagement team at Asia Clean Energy Partners (ACE Partners) in delivering communication, outreach, knowledge management, stakeholder engagement projects, and provides quality assurance for project content. She also works on corporate communications for ACE Partners. 

In her previous roles with ACE Partners, she has worked as Communications Specialist with USAID’s South Asia Regional Energy Partnership (SAREP) and contributed to strategic communications in energy efficiency in India. She has also worked in communications and outreach at The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) in India as Senior Content Writer and Area Convenor. 


Before moving to energy and environment communications, Aastha worked with various news organizations in New Delhi and Mumbai as sub-editor and content writer. She blends her journalism and editing experience with content creation, quality control, and planning and carrying out communications campaigns. 


Apart from her professional expertise, she brings to the table the South Asia experience in energy communications and local cultural context from her base in New Delhi.

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