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Connections. Insights. Impact.

The vision behind ACE Partners was forged by Mark Lister and Peter du Pont during informal discussions that started back in 2014, driven by their respective work in the clean energy field in different countries and regions of the world. At that time, it was clear that the required upswing in clean energy deployment was not happening at the speed and scale required for a successful transition to a sustainable energy future. Driven by a desire to address the twin compatible goals of economic prosperity and environmental sustainability, the Managing Partners saw an enormous unmet need for good advice, the right contacts and the technical know-how to turn ideas into reality.


The premise of the firm is that we can use our extensive networks and relationships in the region, our informed understanding of the key national and regional challenges, and targeted analysis and strategy to help initiate partnerships and initiatives that accelerate the pace of clean energy investment and deployment. 


We strive for connections, insight, and impact

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