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AWR Lloyd Joins Forces with Asia Clean Energy Partners to Help Lead Regional Clean Energy Transition

BANGKOK: AWR Lloyd and Asia Clean Energy Partners (ACE Partners) today announced a strategic alliance of their firms to provide an end-to end range of services covering corporate strategy consulting; clean energy innovation and advisory; corporate finance and transaction advisory; and asset management services focused on clean tech, impact funds, and natural capital ventures.

Working as affiliated firms AWR Lloyd and ACE Partners will be able to help companies and institutions to identify and seize opportunities that will arise during the coming decade of disruptive innovation in Asia’s energy sector.

AWR Lloyd, ranked among the top 10 consulting firms in Asia-Pacific in the 2021 Vault Rankings, is a specialist strategy and transactions advisory firm with a two-decade track record delivering bespoke strategic consulting, M&A advisory and industry intelligence services. The firm services clients in the Indo-Pacific region across four core industry areas (1) Oil, Gas & Chemicals; (2) Power & Utilities; (3) Infrastructure & Technology; and (b) Natural Resources. Since the emergence of the Covid-19 pandemic, AWR Lloyd has also been working in partnership with US health NGO, FHI 360, to provide Covid-19 risk mitigation and project continuity services.

ACE Partners works with development clients across Asia on some of the most pressing issues related to the region’s clean energy transition. The firm manages UNIDO’s Private Financing Advisory Network (PFAN) across 12 countries in the Asia region; provides consulting support for the Asia Development Bank (ADB) on regional initiatives and strategy, including the organization of ADB’s annual Asia Clean Energy Forum; and advises foundations and for-profit firms on market intelligence and the design and scale-up of energy efficiency and renewable energy initiatives across the region.

Under the new arrangement, AWR Lloyd and ACE Partners will offer a broad range of services for corporate and development sector clients, including corporate strategy consulting, M&A, fund development and management, and clean energy advisory and policy consulting.

“We are delighted to partner with Asia Clean Energy Partners, with the aim to grow and drive our clean energy strategy and advisory work,” said Alex Wood, AWR Lloyd co-founder and CEO.

“2020 marks the decade of clean energy innovation and transition,” added Brad Denig, AWR Lloyd’s Managing Director - Innovation and Sustainability. “The alliance with Asia Clean Energy Partners, with its deep experience and networks across the Asia region in the areas of clean energy technology, policy, and finance, will help position us to provide deeply informed, cutting-edge advisory, transaction, and asset management services to fuel this decade of transition.”

Peter du Pont, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of ACE Partners explained that “Asia Clean Energy Partners and AWR Lloyd share a common bond around the critical importance of preparing companies and institutions for the disruptive energy landscape of the 2020s, and the need to understand and capitalize on opportunities for disruptive innovation.”

“The affiliation will strengthen both of our firms and provide a broader platform for clean energy advisory, M&A work, and fund management,” said Mark Lister, also a Co-Founder and Managing Partner of ACE Partners. “By linking our clean energy advisory operations with those of AWR Lloyd, we will be able to service corporate clients, while informing that service with strong grounding and connections to the development sector, including donor-led initiatives, support for national climate strategies and plans, and regional initiatives aimed at accelerating a climate-resilient, clean energy transition.”

AWR Lloyd has a 21-year track record delivering bespoke strategic advice, M&A support and industry intelligence to some of the world’s biggest and most successful companies in the oil and gas, mining and metals, power, renewables, energy technology, infrastructure and financial services sectors. In 2018, the firm established its Innovation for Sustainability Practice, and it is currently developing new funds and ventures, through its subsidiary AWR Lloyd Asset Management, in the areas of cleantech minerals, natural capital ventures, and impact funds and corporate venture capital. AWR Lloyd’s mission for over two decades has been to act as a catalyst for economic development, sustainability, and greater security in the Indo-Pacific region, through supporting clients in the design, development, execution, and communication of innovative and value-creating strategies.

Asia Clean Energy Partners is an international consultancy that supports the design and scale-up of effective clean energy initiatives, with a focus on three areas: policy and program design, project preparation, and mobilization of financial resources. ACE Partners was founded in 2018 by Mark Lister and Peter du Pont, with the aim to help initiate partnerships and initiatives that accelerate the pace of clean energy investment and deployment across Asia.

For more information please contact us at:

Marc Eliemel Tagub

ACE Partners, Communications Manager,

Shruti Kothari

AWR Lloyd Corporate Communications Manager,


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