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Stockholm Environment Institute’s releases paper on climate risks and investment behavior

The Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI) Asia released on 17 January its working paper on climate risks and investment behavior. The report, Perceptions of climate-related investment risk in Southeast Asia’s power sector, explores the factors that drive power sector investors' decisions on whether or not to invest in renewable energy in Southeast Asia.

The SEI team, led by Peter du Pont of ACE Partners, interviewed bankers, investors, and advisors working in Southeast Asia’s power sector, to find out how power sector investors perceive the region's climate-related risks, and how these risks form part of the investment decision-making.

"While the research and interviews were conducted in mid to late 2018, the key issues around perceptions of climate investment risk are still salient, and discussions of climate risks are not at the forefront as they should be in the SE Asia region," Peter du Pont commented.

Here’s the link to the report:


ACE Partners is currently drafting a blog on the working paper. Stay tuned.


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