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Made in Vietnam Energy Plan 2.0

The Vietnam Business Forum (VBF) officially launched the Made in Vietnam Energy Plan (MVEP 2.0) on 27 Feb 2020, Thursday, during a high-level policy dialogue between the Government of Vietnam and members of the business community in the country. MVEP 2.0 presents a business-focused approach that recommends prioritization of renewable energy in Vietnam's national power planning, increasing energy efficiency on both the demand and supply sides, utilization of natural gas for base-load power to complement renewable energy, and promoting smaller-scale off-grid investment in clean, distributed energy.

MVEP 2.0 updates the previous report, MVEP 2016 edition, and has been developed based on consultations with business leaders and a careful review of national and international trends. MVEP 2.0 proposes six business-oriented recommendations that would improve the reliability and affordability of Vietnam’s energy system. The policies and investments highlighted in the report are in line with the country's new national energy development vision through 2045, which was approved by the Vietnam Politburo in early February.

VBF, which is a business community in Vietnam consisting of 15 domestic and foreign business associations, developed the 44-page energy plan. The Asia Foundation's Vietnam Office and the Asia Clean Energy Partners supported VBF in developing and completing the plan.


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