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2018 Asia-Pacific Forum on Low Carbon Technology

by Peter du Pont

What an interesting month this has been! I, along with my friend Mark Lister, launched our firm, signed our first contract and we are now attending an engaging and insightful event in Changsha, with another one scheduled for Singapore next week.

The 2018 Asia-Pacific Forum on Low Carbon Technology, held during 24-26 October, 2018, is co-hosted by the Asian Development Bank and the Government of Hunan. The theme this year is “Sharing Low-Carbon Technology for a Blue and Beautiful Sky”. More than 300 Chinese and international participants attended the opening ceremony where the discussions focused on accelerating cooperation in low-carbon city development and high-technology investment. 

Table with an India Waste to Energy entrepreneur

The conference is focused on showcasing global, regional, and country success stories in promoting the development of, and investment in, low carbon technologies, while boosting south-south and both-south technology transfer.

Mark Lister in the panel discussion on Challenges in Green Buildings

The sessions include a wide range of topics such as Green Urban Mobility, Green Buildings, Regional Technology Cooperation, and Clean Heating and Cooking. On behalf of Asia Clean Energy Partners, Mark Lister took part in the Green Buildings panel and discussed how it was important to create scale in building efficiency. He rightly remarked that we need to bundle building projects to develop portfolios above a certain investment threshold, which will simplify the ability to attract project financing. He also mentioned that cities and countries should collaborate to develop streamlined, structured, and aggregated expertise on technical financial and legal aspects of building efficiency. 

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