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We're hiring!

We are looking for our newest teammates to help us with our research, and communications and outreach!

Asia Clean Energy Partners is an international consultancy that supports the design and scale-up of effective #cleanenergy initiatives, with a focus on three areas: connecting people and networks; research and analysis to generate insights; and mobilization of financial resources. We work with global, regional, and national partners to help accelerate the clean energy transition in the region.

We seek to hire and train dedicated professionals who are committed to tackling the pressing climate and clean energy challenges that society faces today. We are looking for:

(1) Research Assistant

(2) Communications and Outreach Assistant

We are excited to welcome new members to our diverse, cross-cultural, international, inter-disciplinary team. Creativity, collaboration, and learning are highly prized traits within the company. Working in a collegial and non-hierarchical manner, and healthy work-life balance are deeply embedded in our organizational culture.


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