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Suri Pariyati
Executive Assistant and Office Manager

As the Office Manager, Suri oversees office management, ensuring the comfort of everyone at work. Simultaneously, in her role as Executive Assistant, she assists our Bangkok-based CEO in managing his schedule. With 12 years of experience in Back Office Operations & Administration, she has developed a comprehensive understanding of the intricacies involved in ensuring the seamless functioning of business processes. During her journey, she spent 5 years dedicated to serving as a Personal Assistant and Secretary to C-Level managers, where precision and confidentiality were paramount.

Suri's expertise spans diverse fields, including Logistics, Recruitment, IT & Technology, Linguistics, Media, and some Accounting. This broad skill set enables her to contribute effectively across various business functions.


Suri earned her Bachelor's Degree from Sripatum University, Thailand, in English Business Communication in 2009. While studying, she was selected as one of four Thai students to be a part of the UMAP - University Mobility in Asia and the Pacific Program. She also participated in the EU in Thailand National Intervarsity Debate Championship in 2009 and volunteered for the IPU - Inter-Parliamentary Union event, where she was part of a team responsible for caring for a significant number of European Politicians during the event in Thailand.

Beyond the professional realm, her active personality shines through. She enjoys fostering a positive work environment and bringing people together. Whether organizing team events or encouraging camaraderie, she is dedicated to being a part of creating a workplace culture that thrives on collaboration and shared success.

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