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Asia Clean Energy Partners (ACE Partners)  is an international consultancy that supports the design and scale-up of effective clean energy initiatives, with a focus in three areas: policy and program design, project preparation, and mobilization of financial resources.

Asia’s Critical Energy Challenges

Asia is ground zero in the fight against climate change, and has the potential to spearhead many of the clean energy innovations and approaches needed to transition the global energy system from fossil-based to fossil-free.  Asia is the home of the world’s fastest-growing and most dynamic economies, and is home to the powerhouses that are China, India, and Southeast Asia, each with its own set of challenges and opportunities in the energy sector. The fast-growing economies of the Central Asian region are also increasingly seeking clean energy strategies and solutions.


The challenges are immense. In the ASEAN region, for example, energy demand is projected to grow 80% by 2040, as the economy triples in size and population increases to 760 million.  And given current plans and projects, subcritical coal technologies will still comprise over 50% of total coal-fired installed capacity in the region by 2040 according to IEA, contrary to the trend seen in most other parts of the world.


This is clearly not a sustainable trajectory for either the region, or the world, and yet there are many bright spots and opportunities. These include young dynamic entrepreneurs, engineers, and programmers flooding into the clean energy sector; and established firms diversifying their energy portfolios to lower-carbon resources. There are governments that are testing out innovative policies and programs to bring down the cost of renewables, overcome barriers to greater efficiency, and encourage more transparent bidding and price competition. Donors and philanthropies are also dedicating significant tranches of multi-year resources to spur a transition to low-carbon energy systems.


Asia Clean Energy Partners works on these issues and is dedicated to making a difference for our clients and partners.  We use our knowledge and networks to identify and help introduce effective solutions. We work to support the acceleration of clean energy deployment, to achieve greater speed and greater scale, with a focus on markets in Asia and the Pacific.

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bring long experience

We have more than 50 years of direct experience working across the Asia region, on issues ranging from energy efficiency technical standards, to renewable energy regulatory options, to institutional capacity building, and matchmaking for clean energy financing.


convene for impact

We bring people together in an environment that encourages idea exchange, knowledge transfer and open discussion. For example, our Founding Partners have been co-organizing the Asia Clean Energy Forum (ACEF) since its inception in 2007. We were part of the team that launched the Private Financing Advisory Network (PFAN) in Asia in 2009, and are still actively leading and promoting this important network.  We have also led national and regional energy associations, and managed the global Energy Efficiency Hub for the Sustainable Energy for All (SEforAll) initiative.


understand client needs

We strive to understand client needs. We listen carefully, ask informed and probing questions, and direct our time and resources to achieving practical and tangible impacts in the real world. 


design for 

results at scale

We support the design and scale-up of effective clean energy initiatives, with a focus in three areas: policy and program design, project preparation, and mobilization of financial resources. We look for impact opportunities by cultivating and employing specific expertise on clean energy project archetypes where we see strong potential for outcomes and a current market need.


have deep


We bring the strength and depth of our clean energy networks in Asia and globally to enhance our clients’ existing businesses and initiatives, and to bring new business opportunities from tapping into our network of international organisations, companies and funders.

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